For what do you use LiveView?

My co-worker is learning LiveView, so I’ve got interested in it.
Why do you use it?

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  • Because you don’t need to write reams of javscript to achieve nice, interactive UIs.
  • The programming model is pretty easy to understand.
  • It’s fast/responsive enough for most things.
  • You can jam everything related to a particular part of the UI into one file rather than have bits and pieces scattered across views, templates, controllers, javascript files etc. (probably an anti-pattern, but one that I like - I’d rather scroll through a file than through a bunch of disparate project sub-directories).
  • Productive.

The JavaScript ecosystem is a mess, Liveview is an alternative to that.
Also, a lot of BE devs are reluctant to do FE, so Liveview is good compromise.


On this page we replaced a lot of React with LiveView and everything is better. No more weird JS toolchains, no more client side state to understand. SEO-able. It’s all win.

It’s a pity LiveView came out now, not 8 years ago, as it really does change everything, but I feel like getting people to move from whatever web stack they use now is too hard as most of them (even the previously horrible ones) have put a lot of work in to be ‘fine’.


We have an app that schedules data processing jobs. We use LiveView to update the UI to reflect the curent state of jobs. As the whole point of this UI is to show server-side state, LiveView is a great fit (i.e. no need for off line interaction)