Forwarding does not exclude path in Plug

It’s been a day with Plug, I have experienced some problems probably raising from my simple mistakes.

I have two routers, the main router is:

defmodule Startup.Router do
  use Plug.Router

  plug Plug.Parsers, parsers: [Plug.Parsers.URLENCODED, Plug.Parsers.JSON], json_decoder: Poison
  plug :match
  plug :dispatch

  alias Startup.QuestionRouter

  forward "/questions", to: QuestionRouter

  match _ do
    send_resp(conn, 404, "Path specified incorrectly.")

And the second router is:

defmodule Startup.QuestionRouter do
  use Plug.Router
  import Ecto.Query

  alias Startup.Question
  alias Startup.Repo

  if Mix.env == :dev do
    use Plug.Debugger
    plug Plug.Logger, log: :debug

  plug :match
  plug :dispatch

  get "/" do
    query = (from q in Question, select: q)
    questions = query |> Repo.all
                                  |> Poison.encode!
    |> put_resp_content_type("application/json")
    |> send_resp(200, questions)

However GET request to path “/questions” raises error:

(FunctionClauseError) no function clause matching in Startup.QuestionRouter.do_match/4

It’s been 4 hours I’m trying to fix the problem but I couldn’t. Documentation clearly states:

forward "/users", to: UserRouter

Assuming the above code, a request to /users/sign_in will be forwarded to the UserRouter plug, which will receive what it will see as a request to /sign_in.

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