Full stack Ember.js & Phoenix (self-published)

Embercasts has launched a full stack Ember.js with Phoenix course:


Hi Erik - this course looks nice :slight_smile: however you might find the price may work against you… we have courses by legends like Dave Thomas (of PragProg fame) with full courses for just $30. Pragmatic Studio’s courses are significantly cheaper too.

Not sure how set you are on the price, but have you thought of lowering it? You might find you sell more :slight_smile:


Exactly. It’s too much for people outside of USA and Europe.

Many people don’t can’t buy this course.

Initially I was thinking “Why are we making such an issue about the price? We should focus on the content instead”, but then I saw that even 50% off it’s $250, which is exactly the amount you should charge for the discussion to be focused only on how expensive it is.

I make a decent living and I’ve spent many hundreds of dollars on technical books, but for this kind of media I don’t see myself spending even close to the 50% off price.

Of course.

Elixir and Phoenix are about scaling and distribution, not just creating an API (which can be done through Node or Rails too). So this course is heavily focused on the front-end with only a minor touch to the back-end. Other courses like Elixir for programmers or Unpacked multi-player bingo offer the front-end as an extra with a highly detailed Elixir/Phoenix back-end for as low as $30.
Also I heard that Unpacked Multi-player bingo course (from Pragmatic Studio) is going to add React/Vue or other front-ends alongside the course’s default ELM front-end.

From someone whose bought @ebryn Ember.js & ROR course and did not know anything about Ruby On Rails… I believe it was worth every penny I spent on it. I agree, I was hesitant to buy it because of the price as well. It is the most expensive course out there that I have purchased, BUT it has also now become one of the most invaluable courses in my library. I am now confidently building Full Stack Applications in Ember/ROR. I am also currently moving an existing Full stack application from Ember/Adonis.js(node.js) to Ember/ROR because of this course. If the Full stack Ember.js & Phoenix course is even half as good as the Ember.js & Ruby On Rails course, It will be worth more than the money I put into it. The training provided in these videos is clear, precise and he gives easy to follow examples. I have watched youtube videos and found some videos to leave things out during the coding, but these videos make sure everything is covered in detail. I highly recommend buying the embercasts’ tutorials. I will seriously be considering purchasing this phoenix course as well. I have no prior phoenix experience, so this tutorial would provide a gateway into branching out from my existing backend languages to incorporate possibly Phoenix as well.