Full Stack Engineer at Skoach (Lisbon, Portugal; Remote, 2TZs, Full-Time)

Introductory paragraph

Join us as one of first people at Skoach, and help build an amazing product that will scale to millions of users. We’re looking for a full stack engineer that can write great code and contribute to our product and engineering culture.

About us

My name: João
My position: CTO
Company name: Skoach
Website: https://skoach.com
Country: Portugal
Company info and history:

At Skoach we’re creating a chatbot that helps companies transform how their teams work by changing their peoples’ habits and routines, towards a team culture that is more collaborative, cohesive and productive. To do this, Skoach (the bot) must be able to carry out complex conversations with users while guiding them to an intended outcome - such as completing challenges at work, or sharing their perception of how well their team is functioning - in a way that is empathic and engaging.

We’ve just raised pre-seed funding and are being accelerated at Indico + Google for Startups.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Engineer
Job description: Writing code all over the stack. Upholding engineering best practices. See more below.
Salary range: €25k - €45k
Position on remote work: We’re open to remote work within 2 TZs of Portugal
Qualifications or experience required: 3+ years experience in dynamic languages
What the successful job applicant will be working on: At Skoach’s core is an application for designing conversations dynamically, which are then triggered at the right time and followed on through our integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. We’re thus building a chatbot solution that is designed specifically for our use-case, and is more capable than other off-the-shelf platforms.

About the interview process

  1. We’ll start with a short code challenge, an architecture challenge, and a few personal questions via email (this email actually, details below).
  2. We’ll have a chat (30min ~1hr) to discuss your answers.
  3. You’ll have a chat with our CEO.
  4. We’ll make a proposal.

Further info

Full job post description with culture info here: https://www.notion.so/Full-Stack-Engineer-5e5131ba6d6a4c26b96971b571fab522
If interested, please reach out to me at jf@skoach.com