Full Stack Engineer Elixir/Phoenix (Boulder/Denver, Full-time)

Introductory paragraph

Macrostax is currently hiring a full-time Full Stack Engineer, ideally someone who is backend heavy. We are a small startup based in Boulder with a legacy codebase built in Ruby on Rails. We are in the process of migrating/rebuilding our backend in Elixir/Phoenix and are hoping to find candidates with experience or a desire to learn Elixir/Phoenix.

About us

My name: Blake Yeager
My position: COO (I also lead/manage our engineering team)
Company name: Macrostax
Website: www.macrostax.com
Country: United States

Macrostax is the world’s leading platform for counting macros. We create custom macro plans, matched with personalized recipes and meal suggestions, to help our clients achieve their goals. Not sure what “Macros” are, no problem! Macros are shorthand for macronutrients. Instead of counting calories, we make sure our customers eat the right proportion of carbohydrates, protein, and fat throughout the day.

Since our founding, we have helped more than 50,000 individuals eat the “right way” for their body type and their personal goals. Our software platform, our library of proprietary macro-friendly recipes, and our team of nutrition coaches have helped our clients repair their relationship with food and transform their bodies.

Our business and our company have been growing rapidly and we are looking to expand our team located in Boulder, CO. We have a small team of engineers who are passionate about helping people improve their health and building world-class software. As a key member of the engineering team, you will have the opportunity to take ownership of large portions of the codebase and will help set the technical direction for the team and the company.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Engineer
Job description: I hate job descriptions, see the sections below for more details.
Salary range: $100k - $130k
Position on remote work: We have an office in Boulder CO, but only work from the office 2 days a week.
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Senior-level experience writing code up and down the stack
  • Experience architecting and designing systems and applications
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Relational database experience/expertise, Postgres preferred
  • Experience or a desire to work with Elixir/Phoenix
  • Experience integrating third-party systems via RESTful APIs
  • Preferred experience with GraphQL
  • Preferred experience with Vue or React SPAs
  • Strong Git fundamentals, code review habits, and comfort working in and with a team
  • Bonus: OTP familiarity and/or TypeScript experience
  • Bonus: Experience or passion for the nutrition and fitness markets

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Collaborate closely with the entire Macrostax team to deliver new features and functionality to continue to drive the growth of the Macrostax business
  • Ensure that we have a properly architected backend to support our current application along with additional new frontends (e.g. native mobile apps)
  • Focus primarily on backend development, but be able to contribute to the frontend as needed
  • Help plan and execute the migration of chunks of existing functionality from our legacy Ruby on Rails/JQuery codebase to our new Phoenix/Vue codebase
  • Have a desire to take ownership of projects, and the ability to suggest approaches and strategies balancing the needs of the business with the capabilities of the technology

About the interview process

You would start with a short phone call with me, after which we have a small homework assignment (1-2 hours max). We then have you do a pair programming session with one of the engineers already on the team, followed by a final interview with our CEO. We are a small startup so the process is pretty fluid/flexible and we like to move fast if possible.

Further info

If you are interested, feel free to email me directly with a link to your GitHub or LinkedIn profile, or a resume. Please include a sentence or two about why you are interested in the role. You can reach me at: blake at macrostax dot com.

Our Tech Stack

  • Elixir/Phoenix + Postgres
  • Ruby on Rails/JQuery + Postgres (legacy codebase)
  • GraphQL/Apollo/Vue/Vuex
  • Heroku & AWS (S3 & CloudFront)

Have you been to the Boulder or Denver Elixir meetups lately? Personally, I haven’t had time to get down there in quite a while, but when I was going it was a pretty good place to look for hires.


No I haven’t, but that is a great suggestion. I didn’t realize that Boulder and Denver both seem to have fairly active monthly Elixir meetup groups. I am planning on checking out the ones coming up in February. Thanks again for the pointer.

Boulder had tapered off last couple of times I was there; but Denver was still going strong.

Hi @byeager,

Is this work open for remotely available Full Stack Engineer like me ?


@Lauren23 They say this in the advert but it isn’t clear if they allow full remote indeed.

well yes, that’s the query. I am remotely available and highly interested to work so curious to ask.


My apologies for the delayed response, and for not being more clear in the original post. At the moment we are only looking at candidates that are based in Colorado (or open to relocation) and willing to be in the office (in Boulder) 2 days a week. To be honest, I have struggled with this as I have successfully run fully remote teams before, but since we have a core based in/around Boulder I don’t want to get stuck in the messy half remote/half local situation that I think can be really hard to execute successfully. Hopefully that makes sense.