Full Stack Engineer - Founding Team at OnRout

About us

My name: Jonathan Hessney
My position: Founder
Company name: OnRout
Website: www.OnRout.com
Company info and history:

OnRout is taking the waste out of shipping.

eCommerce shipping has been growing 15% annually for almost a decade. However, both carriers and shippers are struggling to make money on these shipments. At OnRout, we’re building a real-time bidding platform for parcels to more efficiently allocate shipments and lower costs for everyone.

About the job

Job title: Technical Lead
Job description:

OnRout is building a real-time bidding platform for parcels to lower the cost of eCommerce shipping and reduce waste in the system. If you’re interested in real-world operations/transportation problems and taking 25% of the UPS/USPS/FedEx trucks off the road with their associated greenhouse gas emissions, come talk to us.

We are looking for an engineer to add real-time bidding on top of our existing shipping platform and lead the technical direction of the company.

OnRout was recently named one of the top 26 startups in the MassChallenge Accelerator (http://bit.ly/2y8wBvM) and when not there is based in New York.

-Transform a $90B industry that needs a better way to price itself
-Have a direct impact on your lived environment by increasing the efficiency of eCommerce deliveries
-Work with a founding team that has deep domain expertise in parcel shipping on both a strategic and operational level
-Will be part of the founding team, and have the opportunity to build the tech team
-Build the team and culture at OnRout. We value doing right by our customers and working collaboratively with stakeholders to generate real savings

-Needs to be able to architect and build a Real-Time Bidding Platform. Should have been heavily involved or led development of a soft real-time system in the past.
-Comfortable being part of implementation and working directly with B2B customers
-Need to want to set the direction of the technology and be involved in the business side of OnRout, not just have responsibility for the code
-Company is based in NYC. Open to discussing remote for the right candidate.

-Experience in Ad Tech (on the exchange side)
-Experience in Functional Programming
-Parcel industry knowledge

Salary range: $10k - $60k salary & 2.0-15.0% equity
Position on remote work: Possible initially, but long-term would need to relocate

Further info

Please visit our angel.co listing to apply: https://angel.co/onrout/jobs/284972-full-stack-engineer-founding-team

In NYC :slight_smile: no offense this is not even funny

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Ah yeah I saw that and thought “wat” but I didn’t even realize that was in NYC :flushed:

For reference, a full time job in NYC at minimum wage is $20k.

According to glassdoor the average junior developer salary in NYC is $72,368. Technical lead should be quite a bit more at most places. Not to mention $10k is only 2/3 of the national minimum wage. I was thinking it might be a contract job but it doesn’t appear that way. I understand startups can be tight on cash but even suggesting that low is going to turn a lot of people away. You would have to be well enough off already to take a risk at $10k even with 15% equity and I don’t think too many people would be willing to do it.