Funkiness with Ecto 3, _usec and intervals

So, I’m trying to update a project to use Ecto 3.1. One of the issues I’ve encountered after wrapping my head around the new “usec” family of types was from_now not working the way I expect.

in order for this to work with milliseconds, I had to change

      from e in MyModel,
        join: se in assoc(e, :segment_export),
        where: e.last_updated < from_now(^minus_n, ^tu),
        order_by: e.last_updated,
        preload: [segment_export: se]

into ugly

      from e in MyModel,
        join: se in assoc(e, :segment_export),
        where: e.last_updated < datetime_add(type(^DateTime.utc_now, :naive_datetime_usec), ^minus_n, ^tu),
        order_by: e.last_updated,
        preload: [segment_export: se]

The last_updated field is defined with a proper type:

    field :last_updated,  :naive_datetime_usec, default: @default_timestamp

Is this just a sad new world, or a bug or maybe I hold it wrong?

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It looks like it should work, so please file a bug report. Also, when filing the report, please describe exactly how it was working before and exactly which error are you seeing now (is it a type error?).


Sorry, I was tired yesterday, I should have specified what exactly was my problem.

Without an explicit type cast type(^DateTime.utc_now, :naive_datetime_usec) query generator drops the precision of DateTime.utc_now:

UERY OK source="foo_exports" db=1.7ms
SELECT <redacted> FROM "foo_exports" AS f0 INNER JOIN "bar_exports" AS s1 ON s1."id" = f0."export_id" WHERE (f0."last_updated" < $1::timestamp + ($2::numeric * interval '1 millisecond')) ORDER BY f0."last_updated" LIMIT 1 FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED [~N[2019-07-19 20:10:03], #Decimal<-1>]

In tests, I have very tight time boundaries, and the query above returns an empty result set. Meanwhile, with the typecast in place, the timestamp obtained from utc_now is represented as ~N[2019-07-20 09:29:59.044696] and therefore have enough precision for the query to always see a row inserted earlier in the test.

Yes, please do a report. :slight_smile: