GenComponents - generate heex components

Hi all,

I know, meanwhile there are many libraries out there, that provide very cool heex components to use in our web projects.
What I did struggle with, was the fact, that I do not have the components code in my project. So if I want all my buttons to be round, then either build a round_button component from an existing button component or change the code of all of my buttons.
Another aspect was upgrading an existing component catalogue seemed to be very risky to me.

So I had the idea to build a component generator, that puts a common set of components to my project space for an easy point to start from.

At the moment, the generator generates:

  • an alert
  • a modal
  • a pagination
  • an interactive component catalogue for the three components
  • (opinionated to bootstrap 5)

The first version is just a test balloon with three the components.
I would be really happy, If you leave a comment, what you thing about the idea and if I should go further with it. Maybe you even want to contribute.