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I’ve got a feeling this will be good - their vacuum cleaners changed the industry… wonder if they can do the same for cars?

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Wonder if that is a response to this:

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Or it might end up like this? :smiley:


He was ahead of his time, wasn’t he :lol:

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Start Your Engines – Firefox Quantum Lands in Beta, Developer Edition

Engines are important, both in cars and in browsers. That’s why we’re so revved up this morning – we’re releasing the Beta of a whole new Firefox, one that’s powered by a completely reinvented, modernized engine. Since the version number – 57 – can’t really convey the magnitude of the changes we’ve made, and how much faster this new Firefox is, we’re calling this upcoming release Firefox Quantum.


Apple to buy Shazam for $400m

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I wish they hadn’t sold to FB - was one of my favourite apps until then. Moved to Telegram then iMessage got better and so use that and Snapchat now - only use WhatsApp now if that’s the only messaging app someone I know is on…

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I use Google Hangouts for ‘family chat’, Keybase.IO for ‘secure chat’, and IRC for ‘public chat’. ^.^;

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What about sending direct messages to others (rather than groups of people)? (Can also be used to send pictures/videos etc.)

To singular people I use any of the above depending on how I know them. I use a LOT of IRC private messages (and technically I could encrypt that with OTR or PGP or whatever if I wanted). for anything I need truly secure, and hangouts for friends and family. ^.^;

All of them work on both my phone and computer, that’s really my big requirement for communication, is that I can use it basically anywhere.

I’ve not actually use telegram before, what does it over that the above 3 don’t? I guess an encrypted video chat would be useful if it supports that but I almost never audio/video chat unless it’s a public forum thing anyways… ^.^;

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One of the big plusses of WhatsApp was that almost everyone had it on their phone. With iMessage, they need to be an Apple device owner (which is still quite a lot). Telegram was gaining traction, but still nowhere near WhatsApp (or iMessage) and it’s started to die now. Snapchat is surprisingly popular now - and has the added benefit that chats disappear once read (unless saved) and things you put on your story only stay up for a day (and are also a frequent starting point of a conversation) :slight_smile:

No one in my friends/family group… ^.^;

About half have this, but considering it is absolutely trivial to save the images without sending a notification back then it’s not really a good time-based things anyway (I’m not even sure what a good time based thing even could be…).

What do you mean?

Time-based messages like snapshot are entirely useless as it is trivial to record my phone screen or take screenshots without the app knowing about it (it works either via root or chromecasting the screen to an internal client, although if you have root you can grab the decrypted images from ram pretty trivially anyway).

I’m not sure how a time-based message could even be trusted to ‘disappear’ to be honest. In the worst case you can just take a picture of it with another camera. ^.^

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Yep, tbh, I think jail-broken versions of apps like Snapchat also allow you to do things like screen grab without notifying the other person.

A good rule is don’t say or do or show anything you wouldn’t be comfortable being made public one day :lol:

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Think a very old version of Rails did that - can’t remember now…

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I though jail-breaking only opened the device to work on other networks. Or did you mean ‘rooting’, which is to acquire access to the root filesystem to be able to make unbounded changes at that point?

Precisely this! If it is ever put in electronic form and it is not heavily encrypted for your use only, then assume it’s public, and even then assume someone could be looking over your shoulder any time regardless (even if screen grabs). ^.^;

The heck? Why aren’t their passwords hashed the second of (or even before sent to) entering the system?!? o.O

You’d think Twitter of all places would know that…

On iOS I always thought jailbreaking allowed you to download apps for free - and with restrictions removed. I’ve never jailbroken any of my devices so not sure tbh.

Or simply that people just repeat what you’ve said :lol:

Yep :lol:

I’ve never owned a locked-down ecosystem phone as of yet (even pre-android I ‘rooted’ the heck out of my Windows Mobile phones!) but that’s how I’ve always heard and understood it is that jailbreaking opens the phone up to all access and rooting opens the root filesystem for its unbounded access. I’m not certain though, heck the terms may not even have ‘proper’ definitions for all I know… ^.^;

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