Hello, in my university, they teach Knowledge-based development and use Genexus (i choose the php class instead ). And what to know what are your thoughts about this code generators.

From the wikipedia article:

GeneXus is a Cross-Platform, knowledge representation-based, development tool,[1] mainly oriented to enterprise-class applications for Web applications, smart devices and the Microsoft Windows platform. A developer describes an application in a high-level, mostly declarative language, from which native code is generated for multiple environments.

It includes a normalization module, which creates and maintains an optimal database structure based on the user views of the reality described in a declarative (rule-based) language.

The languages for which code can be generated include C#, COBOL, Java including Android and BlackBerry smart devices, Objective-C for Apple mobile devices, RPG, Ruby, Visual Basic, and Visual FoxPro.[2]

Most popular DBMSs are supported, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

GeneXus is developed by Uruguayan company ARTech Consultores SRL.[3]

GeneXus X Evolution 3, the current version, was released on May 27, 2014.

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I am all for scaffolding tools. that generates code you know. like mix phoenix.gen.model
However this looks like black magic. it generates all the code which in my experience is always bad. sure its nice to not do something and get paid. but once something goes wrong You are the one that will deal with the screaming customers because those kind of code generators cannot deal with all the weird problems you are going to encounter.

also this quote is kind of disturbing
With GeneXus it was possible to develop without depending on databases, languages, operating systems, Web based systems, or Client-server systems
sounds like magic to me

Those are my thoughts.
also it says Agile on the tin. I prefer common sense :slight_smile:


I like this code generator :slight_smile:

An open source project from OverOps, originally built internally for heavy duty testing of monitoring tools on random Java code with exceptions.