GenStage ASAP events processing

Hi all, I’m a bit confused by the following gen_stage explanation:

@min_demand 1	 
@max_demand 4
  1. A Consumer initially asks for 4 events
  2. Receives only 2
  3. Awaits for 1 more (and while it waits for this event it does nothing)
  4. Receives the required 1 event
  5. Starts to handle those 3 events
  6. Asks for more events then
    So if you have a requirement to handle an event immediately this could be a surprise for you that a Consumer doesn’t serve events when they come, but awaits for more to satisfy this formula.
    – from

As from my experience, Awaits for 1 more is not the case. The consumer is immediately fired up with 2 events to process.

Am I wrong or the event batching is no longer the case, and events processed ASAP as they come?