GenStage - suggestion number for genstage demand?

Suggestion number for genstage demand ??

In akka stream default demand is 32 in configuration.

It depends on the cost of what you are processing. Remember that the demand gets buffered in memory, so sometimes you may want to reduce what is in memory.



If use more actually improve throughout . Yes ?!

And another question is

In Akka Stream we have Alpaka, ( its connector for external service in Akka , something like that is not exist in Elixir right now ?!

There is!

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Its great but

Its is just for data ingestion ?!

For example in Akka we can use Akka Http with Alpaka for communicate with external service for serving request

You don’t need anything special for the sink. You can execute whatever code in handle_message or handle_batch that will do a http request to an external service. Just pick any HTTP client.

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Ok thanks