Get the checkbox list selected phoenix!

Please I need to get the select payment list in a checkbox I’m doing of this shape

<form method="get" action = <%=Routes.signer_path(@conn, :new, payments_ids)%>>

<%= for payment <- @payments do %>
<a href= <%=Routes.payment_path(@conn, :show,> > 
<%= payment.reason %> (<%= %>)</a> 
  &nbsp; &nbsp; <input id="payments_transaction" name="transaction[payments_ids][]" type="checkbox" value="<%= %>">
<br />
<% end %>

<button class="favorite styled"
        type="submit" >

but I cannot obtain the list that according to the documentation that I have already seen returns the payments_ids that are in the name and obtains the list that was selected in the checkbox

Sorry, I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re asking. Are you trying to get a result like %{"transaction" => %{"payment_ids" => [1, 2, 3, 4]}} but it’s not working?


Yes, I need to get that list of payments_ids but I don’t know how

it already served me that way thank you very much :hugs: