Gettext: second string is always lower case

I ´ve,
msgid “email”
msgstr “E-Mail”

but it always translates to E-mail. I tried other strings. But it seems the second string is always lower case.

How can i change that?

gettext version: 0.11
elixir: 1.3.1
phoenix: 1.2

Do you have a reproducible test-case? And are you sure there are no po files specified for your language that is overriding it?

With label it gives E-mail. Without the label helper E-Mail.

<%= label f, gettext(“email”), class: “control-label” %>

The reason seems to be humanize(“E-Mail”) which is used in the label function. This version was created by the gen.html task.

Solution is to use:

<%= label f, :email, gettext(“email”), class: “control-label” %>

Correct, the second argument to label is not the text but rather the id of the element. If the text is not specified as the third argument then it defaults to humanize id.