Gigalixir pg_dump

I’m trying to dump my production db on gigalixir so I can use the data for my frontend design and iteration in my local development environment.

The documentation doesn’t explain how to do this beyond getting the connection parameters.

Then I believe we have to import the result into psql manually?

When I used Heroku in the past you could just run a single line from the command line and it would all be done.

Appreciate any help!


Here’s how I solved this.

When you run gigalixir pg it gives you the “url” field. Simply type pg_dump in terminal and paste the URL, then --file=file_name_you_want

pg_dump postgresql://username:password@host/database --file=my_dump.sql

Once it downloads simply run

psql -d myapp_dev -f my_dump.sql

myapp_dev being the name of your db in the dev.exs file.

Not sure if it matters, but before I did this I ran mix ecto.drop and mix ecto.create to start with a fresh db.