I’m curious why Slack is so popular around here instead of Gitter? Gitter is like slack but designed for coders (markdown, github integration, can see all groups, better code snippets, etc…). There is really only one elixir channel I’ve found there of:
The FreeCodeCamp is a generic any-language beginner question area. I’m curious why people are choosing Slack of Gitter here when in most programming communities I work with use Gitter (or IRC, only Elixir and Elm use Slack of all I deal with).

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Many use slack at work so it’s something they are used to

Heh, I’d not even heard of it until fairly recently, been using Gitter for a year.

I guess it is down to good marketing by Slack and Gitter is too geeky for project managers and similar. So, companies will use it before they consider Gitter.

Also, integration of every service and their dog is a good argument pro Slack - until one hits the message limits as FreeCodeCamp did.

Yep, Gitter would not be recommended for generic use, it is strictly for programmers using git (it can work elsewhere than github too, it can support generic git hooks too), which is why I am asking why it is not so used here? :slight_smile:

Agreed. Slack is awful for big OSS—for me it’s always slow because of the large amount of users. It’s also awkward to have to be invited to each one separately. GItter is specifically for GitHub repositories, performs well, and is pretty simplI guess for me it’s a hassle to have to get into the Elixir Slack which is always slow for me. I’d rather be here, on Gitter, or IRC.

@OvermindDL1 OvermindDL1 I understand :slight_smile: But if people are using Slack the whole day for other projects they will want it for Elixir as well.

And although I am on Github and many others here, not everybody likes Github and the company behind it…

I use gitlab for most of my things so I know how that goes. :slight_smile:

For note, I am quite sure is not related to Github at all but are rather just some other people. It does work with about any git repository, not just Github, it just has a lot of built-in github hooks for ease of use, but integrated with, say, a gitlab project is just copy/pasting a couple hook URL’s. Or of course you can make an unattached room (though that makes it harder to find).