Giving away FSM

I’m posting this to see if anyone is interested in taking over the ownership of my FSM library.

I wrote this thing a few years ago. Back then we didn’t have maps/structs, records felt somewhat noisy, and I was a bit too much macro happy :slight_smile:. For some time I’m not convinced that the library is actually useful, for the reasons I mentioned in this issue.

However, it appears a few people still use it, as I received a couple of PRs recently. Given that I personally don’t believe in the project anymore, it doesn’t receive a lot of love, and I don’t have plans to extend it further. Therefore I wanted to check if someone who actually uses the library and finds it useful would be willing to take it over.


I actually do use this one myself, it is nicely readable and easy to serialize pure-data FSM’s (I usually write pure function based ones like in your issue, but they become less readable and obfuscate the actual work with state handling), though I’m unsure if I would do much updating on it beyond keeping it up-to-date with Elixir and handling PR’s, but if no one else takes this one I’d like to keep it at least active, but definitely defer to anyone else first. :slight_smile: