Giving up on dynamic languages

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Edited the other tekst also Giving up on dynamic languages for your convenience.

I understand your feeling about these interview but maybe the point is not about testing, typed language and all the tech things but about you would fit in the actual dev team, with its best practices and its codebase.
As an interviewer, you may be the smartest dev I’ve encountered, if through my question I feel that you won’t respect the best practice, that you have no flexibility regarding our test practices (and we know not all of them are right for the moment), etc. it will be a no-go.
I suspect that these tech questions was just about who you are. Dev needs to have tech skills, but we are also people… :slight_smile:


@StefanHoutzager that comic, in this context, is unnecessarily making fun of people that hold a different opinion without providing any support for your argument.

If you need to resort to mocking people, your argument is not very solid. Also, it makes me much less willing to engage in a discussion, and I assume a lot of other people too. All at a loss of this forum.


I hate to involve myself but:
Ben Wilson’s post itself was not friendly, and he has (like you yourself!) put a like below a plain hostile reaction: Code inspections vs unit tests
Compared to that my small joke is nothing.
Moreover the value of technical arguments is separate from matters like a joke.

Best practices should be discussed, as I tried here (the first post) and as far as I deemed it possible with the real interviewer. If they are not negotiable / dogmatic, the company has a problem. And again these two who like your post…

Calling out inappropriate behavior, or warning about the discussion spiraling into something that does not do any service to this community (like @benwilson512 did above), might feel unpleasant to you, but it is vital in order to maintain this a friendly space for discussion. If you feel that some reply was against the forum code of conduct that we all agree to abide to when posting on this forum, you should report that.

I called out your comic strip because it is, in the context of this discussion, a form of mocking or name-calling, which is explicitly against the forum rules.

In any case, this whole discussion is derailing, and it is becoming unpleasant for participants and readers. We either can keep it civil and on topic, or we should stop it here.

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You clearly have other ideas about friendliness and inappropriate behaviour. But let’s get over this and keep arguing about technical matters. It’s interesting.
Just neglecting posts is often the best way to prevent threads from derailing I find.

This topic has gotten quite heated and is not leading anywhere productive so I am closing it.