Good VPS/Dedicated hosting providers in Europe

Any suggestions?

Looking for large space SSD or HDD based host.

Can you specify more requirements?


Phoenix app

Cloud storage

Custom server for internal use in our company

inhouse app

I need for storage mainly (backups accessed by sftp), and to run mail servers (imap/stmp).

Im using oneprovider for a very small but dedicated host.

For example:

Atom C2350 1.7 GHz 2 cores
1× 1 TB (HDD SATA)
1 Gbps Unmetered Fair Usage
in Paris for 6.99€/month

Also I like that you can pay with paypal.


AWS S3 !?

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I think Hetzner is unbeatable in terms of price/quality


This list may help you

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There are some good recommendations in this thread too:


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Agree, there is also hetzner-kube which helps you to easily provision a kubernetes cluster on hetzner.

In Europe I would suggest you OVH

Their VPS offer is very competitive starting at 2.99 euro/month and they are one of the leading provider in Europe

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The last time I bought a little VPS from them, I had massive connectivity issues and it took several support chats to have them resolve it.

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Honestly I had connectivity issues with every major provider, including AWS and Azure.

I’m currently running my VPSs on Digital Ocean, for historical reasons, and I experienced downs as well.

I use OVH mainly as a domain/email provider.

In my experience I can’t say they have the best support ever, but it’s not the worst either.

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Well, I had two VPS’ with them and for both cases, right after I installed it, I had huge input lags over SSH and sometimes the connection was refused. The support got it working but it was quite annoying.

I gave Hetzner a try, all is fine except disk read and write speed. Some other providers give some 3x or 4x better disk performane. Tested VPS, 4 cores, 150GB SSD.