GPU availability

Wanted to get basic GPU 1050 4GB and availability is pretty much 0 outside of people reselling $150 cards for 220-230. I understand that crypto affects avail. of 1060 and up but 1050?

It’s affecting them all, my wife just got a new’ish card that was still affected, but was not top-end, yet still overpriced… Wish that would stop… >.>

I kindah understand 1060 6GB and up but anything below

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I think that high-end cards prices are just lifting all cards prices.

My pet theory is Nvidia is reallocating production capacity to higher margin high end cards

Glad I purchased my 1070 SC when I did, the prices right now make building a new machine too expensive (if you want a higher end GPU). I don’t see any end in sight to the mining, I hope AMD/Nvidia increase production.

I guess it depends where you are buying from, but is pretty good on prices, I usually get my components from there

My views are USA centric, has the inflation hit the EU? Assuming yes, wondering how hard though?

Right and the question is why 1050s are out of stock for 1060 and up the answer is obvious