GraphQL Phoenix starterkit

I’m looking for a Phoenix Absinthe starterkit with authentication, but not with JWT-based authentication.
It’s for a school project.

Can somebody help me?

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What kind of auth are you looking for?

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User authentication.
Login, register (and password reset, but that is not necessary)

It‘s quite simple to write auth handling by yourself and it also makes sense to understand how it works and not blindly trust code someone else has written.

I‘d recommend the official Programming Phoenix (will be updated soon) and Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe books where you‘ll learn how to do this.

I’ve ever written a showcase for Absinthe:

Here’s a generator library which creates a basic scaffold: a types file, a resolver and a schema. Hopefully will make it easier to get you started.


mix absinthe.gen.scaffold my_context my_type [my_field:string]