Guardian Auth - User not being successfully logged out

Hello folks,

I’m currently having some difficulties with my sessions. I’m running into a scenario where if I have two users, I login as User A, log out, and then login as User B, any changes I make are being made on the data for User A. I believe this is because my current resource sessions aren’t clearing, as in a lot of my code I am using user = Guardian.Plug.current_resource(conn) to select the user I want to make changes on. Below is the controller I am using to login/logout with Guardian. I thought that it seemed fairly straightforward, but I seem to be missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

defmodule BookwyrmAPIWeb.SessionController do
  use BookwyrmAPIWeb, :controller
  alias BookwyrmAPI.Guardian
  alias BookwyrmAPI.Accounts

  def create(conn, %{"data" => %{"session" => %{"email" => email, "password" => pass}}}) do
    case BookwyrmAPIWeb.Auth.login_by_email_and_pass(conn, email, pass) do
      {:ok, token, conn} ->
        user = Accounts.get_user_by_email(email)

        |> Guardian.Plug.sign_in(user)
        |> render("session.json", %{jwt: token, user_id:})

      {:error, _reason, conn} ->
        render(conn, "500.json")

  def delete(conn, _) do
    |> Guardian.Plug.sign_out()
    |> render("delete.json")