Gunpla Gallery - my first production LiveView app, and a gift for my favorite hobby's amazing commnity

Gunpla Gallery, my first Phoenix LiveView app, is in production! It’s something I’ve wanted to build for a while, using what I’ve learned as a professional web developer to give back to my favorite hobby. I don’t expect that many of you enjoy building scale models of giant anime fighting robots, but if you do I invite you to sign up and post photos of your work. And if you don’t you can still check out the amazing work of a few builders who’ve already joined the Gunpla Gallery community.

Finally, huge thanks to the Elixir and Phoenix communities. As a long time Ruby developer, working recently on a few Elixir projects has been a breath of fresh air for me. And props to the design team at my company, Envy Labs, for chipping in with some stellar branding and design work for the site.