Hackney/HTTPoison multipart and double quoting values

Hi all,

I’m doing a file upload like so:

    case HTTPoison.post(
           rt_url() <> "/#{ticket.ticket_number}/comment" <> "#{rt_user_pass()}",
               id: #{ticket.ticket_number}
               Action: comment
               Text: #{ticket.body}
               Attachment: #{Path.basename(ticket.attachment)}
              {:file, "#{ticket.attachment}",
                [name: "\"attachment_1\"", filename: "\"#{Path.basename(ticket.attachment)}\""]},
             {"Content-Type", "multipart/form-data"},
             {"Accept", "application/json"}
         ) do

The REST API I’m POSTing to only work due to the double quotes around attachment_1 and filename.

If I leave them as single, they go out as:

content-disposition: form-data; name=attachment_1; filename=Basecamp-Invoice-2023-01-20.pdf

and the API doesn’t see the attachment. Is this a bug on the API parsing side would you think?