Handle form change event synchronously from hook

I’m using live view to make an interactive form.
I also have some form inputs with hooks to use jquery input library

so, there may be some view changes by live view for every input typing,
and to control actual input value under jquery library, i added some script to handle input changes

i filtered out some input changes by event.stopPropagtion(),
transform the value
and dispatching the ‘change’ event to form using event.target.dispatchEvent(new Event('change', { bubbles: true }))
only when it is needed.

here is the problem.

i need to do some more action, just after form change on socket re-render the view.
dispatchEvent(‘change’) with bubbling can not be synchronously handled.

my first thought was to use pushEvent('change', payload, (response) => {}) to handling synchronously

how should i make payload from html form element?
i can make object from FormData, but it will be slightly different from dispatching phx-change event

is there a such function included in live view source?
or is there other ways to handle event synchronously?