Handling files in production / releases Phx application

How do the Phoenix experts handle files / filesystem interactions in applications deployed with “releases”? Do I understand correctly that the development directory tree no longer applies in case of “released” application?

Yes, they’re completely different.

Using Application.app_dir/2 for things relative to the application folder (almost exclusively priv/, unless you’re adding different folders) or absolute paths.

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Thank you @LostKobrakai! Quick and to the point as always :slight_smile:

Just a small follow-up: in case of “release” of an application named PhxApp the app-dir is going to be the one inside _build/prod/lib/phxapp, right?

With default settings yes, this is fully configurable however.

Personally I tend to name all releases with the same name, so I can just reuse all CI/CD scripts without any modifications :).

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