Hashgraph in Elixir

Hello folks,

You might have heard about Hashgraph - a breakthrough in distributed consensus algorithms. It has limitation up to 1k nodes per shard, a really low communication overhead (consensus almost comes for free) and unparalleled Async BFT guarantees.

Detailed presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjQkag6VOo0 (pure awesomeness!)
Technical documentation, whitepapers https://hashgraph.com/

The Go already have an implementation https://github.com/babbleio/babble, so maybe it’s time for Elixir/Erlang to have its own? :wink: This can bring message brokers like RabbitMQ, VergeMQ, EMQ on the completely other level.

Notice, that it’s patented in US, but not in Europe.


Meanwhile, I was happy to see the rabbitmq folks are working on a raft implementation.

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any progress on this?