Hastega: Challenge for GPGPU on Elixir!

Do you want to learn and use machine learning in Elixir / Phoenix / Nerves apps? Of course, you can, but the machine learning is written in Python and invoked from Elixir via ErlPort… Of course, you can implement some machine learning algorithms in Elixir. However, they have no computational power enough to execute real applications. We wish Elixir could have more computational power!

This may change by Hastega! Hastega will make a series of code fragments of pipelined Enum.map to be transformed into optimized native code using GPUs and/or CPUs with SIMD instructions.

I wrote a post of Medium on Hastega:

Original unveiling/discussion can also be found here: LoneStar Elixir 2019 - anyone go?


‪I’ve just published a new Medium on Hastega (will be renamed)‬


Have a fun!


Sorry, but I can not open that link… I always end up beeing redirected to https://medium.com/.

worked fine here… https://medium.com/@zacky1972/hastega-will-be-renamed-concludes-not-to-adopt-to-be-implemented-using-high-performance-erlang-d29666f93b69


I wrote the same URL to the post on SNSs, which works well…

Thank you for your additional explaination!!!

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I’ve just revised the URL. Thank!

I’ve said it before but will say it again, can’t wait to hear more about Hastega - keep up the good work! :023:

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