Have you found a difficult topic about config for Elixir?

I have been doing Elixir for almost 5 months now and I haven’t found any config or installation issues things that sometimes you have to dig a lot to fix some dependency, for example sometimes nokogiri gem installation can be a hell. Just investigating if you find this kind of problems in Elixir, thanks.


That’s good to hear! :slight_smile:

(I had probs with Nokogiri too (was a libxml issue actually) but Aaron Patterson is a real gem - he spent quite a bit of time with me to help me fix the issue).


In theory you can run ínto exactly the same issues with elixir as with ruby regarding natively compiled libraries and their dependencies.

In elixir it is much less common to use them though.

I do think, that this is at least partially because of the fact that it is much harder to write something using “FFI” in elixir and erlang than in ruby.

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