Have you read an Elixir book? What did you think of it?

Have you read an Elixir book? If so, could you take a few moments to post your review/thoughts in its thread in our #learning-resources:books section please?

Not only will this help future Elixirists embarking on their journey via browsing the section on the forum, but your views will actually help score learning material on https://startlearningelixir.com :003:

Brought to my attention by @peerreynders - Start Learning Elixir s a fantastic initiative by @slashdotdash which:

Crowdsources book mentions on Elixir Forum, applies sentiment analysis, and scores to find the best resources to Start learning Elixir.

It’s a real-world example of building a computational parallel pipeline using Flow and you can see Ben’s blog post about how he built it here.

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