Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hello, I’m Xavier and I live in Lille.
I mainly use OCaml and Elixir (for my work).
I’m working in a small company based in Lille (https://derniercri.io). Previously, I’ve writte Erlang for 8 years, I’m currently switching to Elixir.


Hello, I’m Christopher and I live in Chennai, India. I use Java/Ember for my work. Have tried a little bit of Clojure (You may wanna check out my little clojure project https://github.com/jchristopherinc/xkcd-936 ). I am new to Elixir. Currently trying out Angular/Elixir for a side project.


Hello, I’m Andres, 18 years, from Colombia. I was coding game server on c# for 3 years, now i’m learning Elixir/Phoenix - Rust - Vuejs - Elm, currently working on a personal big project with this amazing language ^^


Hey folks :wave: My name is Sam, and I’m the founder of a mobile app startup in the Bay Area called Blink. We started using elixir+phoenix in place of nodejs for our realtime api, and have been very pleased ever since!


Is your mobile app out in the store or still in development?


We are still in stealth mode (early stage startup, series seed). When we launch, we’ll be sure to share the news here!


Hello, I’m Thomas from Czechia. Currently learning Elm and thought Elixir would go well with it for backend.


Hello, I am Steve. Currently learning elixir… :slight_smile:


Hello world, I’m Hector from Venezuela, just started playing with elixir, really enjoying it so far :slight_smile:


Robert from the Netherlands. I like food and jokes and started with elixir about 3 weeks ago. And this forum keeps popping up with answers when I google.


Nice :003: and welcome! :023:


Hi I’m Maqbool a Computer science Student and currently learning about elixir.


Hi All,
Old programmer here; started with Lisp/LOOPS on Interlisp D machines way back in 1989.
Currently working for a Java shop on back-end services but picked up on the buzz surrounding Elixir and have managed to persuade my boss to let me try it on a couple of small things, one of which is in production!
Very excited about continuing my Elixir journey (especially grokking the bigger concepts) in the company of the people in this community.


Hello all!
You people from the Elixir community are amazing - it’s a pleasure to be working full time with Elixir and meeting so many great people on the way!

I’m Leandro Bighetti and making my share of contribution back to the Elixir community as screencast tutorials at LittleAlchemist.io YouTube Channel.

Great to be here!


Welcome to the forum. I took a quick look at your videos and I think they are great. I like cats, but thats not the reason I like the videos.


Hi all. I’m Mike Martinson from Vancouver Canada. I’ve been developing in Elixir for about a year, full time for the last 6 months. I come from a self taught Ruby and JavaScript background and am drawn to Elixir by its mix of productively and strong primitives.
I’m interested in chatbot design , DDD, and working to help build the library ecosystem to a place where Elixir is a compelling language choice for a variety of different projects.


Hello everybody, Im Jeancarlo from Guatemala. Just Begun in the elixir world and programming has never been this fun. Im still in college but currently working as a cloud architect and back end developer.


Hello all. I’m Xiaochen Cui from China.


Hey all :wave:

I’m Toby, a freelance developer / CTO for hire based in London but originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Website (only one Elixir article right now, but planning on growing that!)

My background is in Ruby and JavaScript (and before that PHP), really enjoying learning Elixir and found the community to be amazing so far.


Hi, I’m Nicholas from Tennessee, USA. I’ve been lurking for a while and decided to finally make an account.

I did use elixir for almost a year in a professional setting and am coming back to it now as I missed it :slight_smile: