Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hi I’m David and I’m from New Zealand. Have been recommended this by a friend who is a ruby dev.


Hello am greyhwndz am a beginner


I’m Eric, from Fargo, North Dakota, USA. I’ve been using Elixir for about a month, but it feels so natural.


I am Hilary Cheng, from Hong Kong. I have been using Elixir with Phoenix Framework for my company projects. :smiley:


hey guys,
andy from hannover - germany, here. currently studying computer science in dublin.
I´m using elixir and phoenix for ~3 month now, for my final project at the university.


Hello, Kamil from Poland. I use Python and JS at work and learn Elixir at home. I plan to use it firstly for my hobby side projects.


Hello, alchemists!
I’m Bojan, from Serbia, living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I fell head-over-heels in love with Elixir and am now following all sources on the topic I stumble onto, experimenting on my own and thoroughly enjoying the ride :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m Morten from Norway. Mostly using C#, Swift and Javascript at work. Playing with Elixir in the evenings and reading “Programming Elixir 1.2” :slight_smile:


Hello Elixirists,

I’m Shane, from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’d describe myself as a Functional Programming Enthusiast, and I have been keeping an eye on Elixir for a while.
Most of my hobby programming has been focused on Clojure for the last while, but it looks like Elixir will be my focus from now on.


Hello, Lucas from Brasil. I’m a Ruby and C# developer at work.
Learning Elixir and plan to use it for next projects.


Fargo, like the town from the TV show Fargo? I love it :stuck_out_tongue:


The very town the TV show and movie are named after :smile:


Hi, José, from Costa Rica. I was a Ruby developer, now doing Elixir full time. :smiley:


Hi. I’m Andre from Cape Town, South Africa. Currently working as a Rails/React dev fulltime and trying to learn Elixir in my spare time.


“Hello Elixir, Hello guys!”
|> IO.puts
I’m Dingwei Zhang from Hangzhou China, I am Ruby developer, Now I start learning Elixir.


[:Elixir, :Friends]
|> Enum.map(fn word -> IO.puts “hello #{word}” end)

From Pakistan.
|> Also a beginner :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Lorenzo from Italy.


Hello all, I’m Lukasz from Poland, a software engineer using Ruby by day and Elixir by night :-).


Hi, I’m David from Asturias (Spain). I’m a Java developer at work and I’m willing to learn Elixir and Phoenix framework


Hi all, Josh from the USA. Currently in my last year of uni, been doing some Erlang but quite new to Elixir.