Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)

@Neophen that makes sense in that way :smiley: . i have to think in elixir way with pattern matching [major , minor] = [1, 0.6] and now [major,minor] = [1,14] :smiley:


Hey, everyone. :wave:

I’m Ken, a longtime software engineer. I’ve worked in several different languages over the years, mostly front-end but some back-end, too.

I first heard about Elixir through Carlos Souza’s course on Code School back in 2017, and I was immediately hooked. I’ve been slowly learning Elixir and FP since then. It’s tough at times because FP is such a paradigm shift for me and some of the syntactic sugar that Elixir provides can seem like magic. Recently, I decided to get serious about it, so I’ve been going through Dave Thomas’ Elixir for Programmers course, and I plan on finally reading some of the now outdated books I bought years ago. :smile:

I’ve been lurking on Elixir Forum for years, and I figure that joining will help me on my journey.


Hello from Romania!

I run a non-profit as my main day job. I’m also part owner of a new software firm. We use Elixir/Phoenix almost exclusively.

My brother-in-law introduced me to Elixir about two years ago. I was using Javascript and he was trying to get people interested in Elixir. He spent about 6 months teaching me the basics and I have continued ever since.

I’m the junior Elixir/Phoenix developer and senior UI/UX designer in our firm. Doing mostly front-end work as I come from a design background and traditional website work. However, I have two (much smarter and experienced) developers to teach me more! :grin:

Our current project uses the latest Phoenix and LiveView versions which has been very challenging at times.

I have learned a lot from the forum already. Looking forward to being a part of it!


I am Iván, from the Canary Islands little Atlantic archipelago in a natural region known as Macaronesia where there are another ones like Madeira, Savage Islands, Azores and Cape Verde.

I began to learn Elixir some years ago… I think it was in 2020 or in 2021. I should review the date of my first notes about Elixir :sweat_smile:. I have learn a lot along this years and I consider I am in constant learning.

I would like to write more about Elixir and what I achieve or learn, but I don’t get the time for that! At this moment I have a blog in which I try it, but in Spanish, to have more Elixir resources in my native language.

Have a nice day!


Hi, all. I’m Ryan from just outside of New Orleans, LA, in the USA. I’m a software engineer working remotely from home, which suits me well. I also teach some Computer Science courses at Loyola University New Orleans occasionally and mentor the local FIRST Robotics Competition team here, as well as volunteer for some civic tech and social justice causes.

I’ve been poking at Elixir and its ecosystem for a decade now in my free time (Exercism tells me Aug 2013), and have enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve also been reading this forum for quite some time, but somehow never joined before now. Someday, I’ll get to use Elixir for a production project at work, but so far not yet.


Hello all, Chris here from outside Toronto, Canada. I’ve been developing stuff for the web for 20+ years at this point. I am currently trying to make the leap from Ruby on Rails to Elixir and Phoenix and getting lost in LiveView.


Hello, I’m a rookie Python developer who is making headway into the exciting world of Elixir, BEAM, Phoenix, LiveView, and friends. I’m excited to be a part of this community and can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Hey folks! I’ve been learning the Elixir ecosystem and have found myself on this forum quite a bit. I figured today is register.

A little about me, I grew up as a kind of mixed bag backend developer/data developer. I’ve settled into BI development at this stage of life, but mostly working in the Microsoft world have spent a lot of time honing my F# skills. I love F#, but as I’m trying to learn web development as a hobby, I wanted to get away from .NET. So here I am, a mediocre developer hoping to create my little dream project with Elixir and Phoenix apparently made specifically for it.

I hope to learn a lot here and contribute where I can.


It seems I forgot to introduce myself officially :smiley: , let me correct that.

My name is Daniel, I am from Moldova.

I have worked mainly in small companies, where I would start innovative projects from the ground, they used to call me “one man show” :joy: . I have tried and used a lot of languages during my university and career years, but elixir was the only one that I really fell in love with, even more so when I came to this forum and met all these great and open people.

My plan for the near future is to first of all find a decent elixir job, support open-source and elixir community, and hopefully introduce some innovation in this helpless world of development :joy: .