Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)

well 1.6 is less then 1.14 :smiley: 1 is the major, 6 is the minor, 6 < 14 :smiley:

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@Neophen that makes sense in that way :smiley: . i have to think in elixir way with pattern matching [major , minor] = [1, 0.6] and now [major,minor] = [1,14] :smiley:

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Hey, everyone. :wave:

I’m Ken, a longtime software engineer. I’ve worked in several different languages over the years, mostly front-end but some back-end, too.

I first heard about Elixir through Carlos Souza’s course on Code School back in 2017, and I was immediately hooked. I’ve been slowly learning Elixir and FP since then. It’s tough at times because FP is such a paradigm shift for me and some of the syntactic sugar that Elixir provides can seem like magic. Recently, I decided to get serious about it, so I’ve been going through Dave Thomas’ Elixir for Programmers course, and I plan on finally reading some of the now outdated books I bought years ago. :smile:

I’ve been lurking on Elixir Forum for years, and I figure that joining will help me on my journey.