Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hi everyone,

My name is Lancelot. I work in Paris, France and live in Bordeaux, France. Computers and programming are my main hobby and passion.

I worked and loved Python (+ Django) for a few years. Now I’m doing all sort of things with Go & Elixir. I love these new languages – including their community ; and would love to contribute to the ecosystem (including core libraries). :slight_smile:

See you around!


Hi. my name is Arturs (Arthur), currently, I live in Riga, Latvia but work mostly for the UK. Current job is located too in the UK.


Hi. Michael from the US, living in Netherlands (but looking toward Portugal or Costa Rica as my next home).

I’ve been doing this stuff for a while, starting with C and C++ in Unix, but always looking for a better tool, always learning new things. That has led me through Java, Python, Ruby, and some Clojure (and many other languages for brief cases).

Now here I am looking at Elixir as my next secret weapon :).


Hi all! I am Bozhidar from Skopje, Macedonia. I am currently working as a Python Data Scientist and I am curious about Elixir. I have 2 years of professional experience as a programmer, but it has been a great and fulfilling ride and I’ve learned a lot. I am here mostly to read about the learning experiences of other people. Until now the Elixir community seems very welcoming which is very important in my opinion.


Hello! I’m Russ Olsen. I’ve done some Ruby here and there. Lately been spending some of my spare time looking at Elixir. I will say this: If you are new to Elixir and still want to help out, Jose + co are lovely about taking documentation pull requests.


Russ, welcome!

I’m SO excited about you checking out Elixir because I would absolutely LOVE to see an Elixir book from you :003:

For those of you who don’t know Russ, he is the author of some of my favourite programming books of all time!

Design Patterns in Ruby and Eloquent Ruby :heart_eyes:

As you can see from the reviews, it’s not just me who appreciates his flair for writing and technical prowess.

Russ, an Elixir book from you would be a dream come true :lol:


Hello, I’m Alex from Tucson, AZ.

Recently, I worked at the University of Arizona and introduced Elixir and Phoenix to their community at their recent IT Summit.

I’ve worked in Ruby, Javascript, and PHP, in addition to Elixir. I’ve built monolithic and microservice applications. I find the problems presented in distributed computing fun and the potential of machine learning fascinating.

Oh, and I’m looking for a job. :smile:


Hi I’m Joe from Madison, WI. I have a bad habit of spending my free time learning new programming languages instead of doing significant things with them, but Elixir has me more interested in sticking with it than most partially because of the lisp style metaprogramming (I fell in love with scheme in university; probably had something to do with having professors like Kent Dybvig and Dan Friedman) but mostly because the BEAM is basically what I’ve been wanting in a programming paradigm for years but failed to realize has existed for longer than I have sadly. facepalm

Looking forward to learning more with all of you. :smiley:


Hey, I am Sergio. Working with Rails and now heading to Elixir and Phoenix. Nice to meet you


Hi there, I am Joe from Switzerland.
I have been working with Ruby for two years now and am going to switch to elixir full time in June. :slight_smile:


Hello. My name is Bryan. Sending <3 from Philippines! :slight_smile:


Hello. I’m Szymon from Kraków, Poland. Trying to learn Elixir+Phoenix, and looking for something to keep me up to date with what’s going on in the community. Am I in the right place? :slight_smile:


For sure. I, personally, benefited from this forum, just carefully reading all threads and trying to understand each problem, so when I acquired in same situation, I would know what to do. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m Óscar from Barcelona, Spain. I’ve started with Ruby on Rails several years ago and now I’m focused on Elixir & Phoenix application development. So glad to be in the forum!


Fantastic Community here, I’m David from Glasgow, Scotland. Looking forward to being able to help those I can.


Rickard from Sweden, working with Erlang in Sofia, Bulgaria, hoping to sneak Elixir into our workflow bit by bit. I’m currently trying to expand more into the web, but I’m finding a lot of projects quickly lose their momentum once development becomes 90% JS.


I’m Arno from Germany. I’m co-founder and CTO at AskVira, a new online personal assistant platform based in the U.S. (with on-site assistants), but with a distributed team of senior devs, currently developing an MVP using Elixir/Phoenix, Ember.js and native iOS.


Hello there,

I’m Patryk and I live 30 km from Warsaw. I work in StepStone and I’m the lucky guy, because I started to learn Elixir few months ago and now I’m in the project, where Elixir and Phoenix serves as a technology for backend - mostly using channels.

I found Elixir on my own and I had RoR experience (I wrote my engineer’s thesis in that). I checked many different languages eg. Lua, Python, Scala at home and then I found Elixir and I decided to choose it as my ultimate language (before that I knew bit about Prolog and Erlang).

I’m also quite young father and husband. My daughter is adorable! :slight_smile:

Ps. I’m surprised I didn’t post in this topic earlier :wink:


Hi here,

I’m Fred from France, C / C++ / Java dev since 1997, currently on a Js backend project, I’m looking for a solution to replace this stack (and have fun with a clean language…)

So fare I really enjoy what I see in elixir / erlang, and hope I’ll be able to push it to the prod level :slight_smile:


ohai :slight_smile:

I live in France (currently in Bourgogne), started in 2005 as a system administrator (Linux, then FreeBSD), then developer with Ruby, spent two years in the JS madness, then came back to reason four years ago with Erlang and Elixir. Working at ayudo.com (security / geolocations solutions) and random labs.