Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hello! Sure you will be able to release useful app in Elixir. There are many of possibilities with Elixir :slight_smile:

Bonjour :slight_smile: You have great experience with Elixir & Erlang- really impressive. I very like your phrase - “JS madness”. Btw- great nick :wink:


Hi, I’m Gary, originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, now living in NY area.


I’m Matthew from Winnipeg, Canada. I grew up consuming DOS 3.3 manuals and typing out programs from computer magazines. My ten-year professional career has taken me from stock trading to video games to crowd funding across Ruby, Java, and .NET.

Simple is good. Imperative mutability often impairs reasoning about code. Balls of mud lack structure and testability. That’s why I’ve long been enthusiastic about functional programming, category theory, and the like. I used functional concepts in Ruby when appropriate.

Elixir brings simple functions and macros to a simple low latency virtual machine. I think it strikes a good balance without going down the path of point-free curried monads.


Hi I’m Will from SF Bay Area. Launching a fintech startup with an Elixir backend.


Hi all, I’m Marika from Miami, originally from China. Interested in machine learning (I did my graduation project in Erlang), high level languages that helps you write less code.


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m Pablo from Asturias, Spain. Came from Java and Node.


Hi guys,
I’m Gopal Sharma from Jammu & Kashmir, India.
Background in PHP and Nodejs.


New graduate from Columbia, living in New York, and have been playing with Elixir for a few years, but decided to take a full plunge to migrate stuff over from my link sharing project: https://linkedlist.io - it’s essentially the simplest tool to build a link aggregator. If you check it out, you’ll realize how slow it is. I’m sure I’m making a ton of mistakes in Ruby, but figured it would be a good time for a migration, and to get to dive into a whole new community. Super excited to get to know everyone here and help in any way I can.

(Also feel free to request an invite on the home page, once the migration is done - I’d love to bring it as many people from this community as possible).


Hello, people!

I’m Marcos, from São Paulo, Brazil.

I’ve graduated as Software Engineer in 2015. I lived in Darmstadt, Germany, for a year for an internship at Fraunhofer SIT working with security solutions using Java and low level C - mainly to tweak the Android’s Dalvik VM. I was also in the team behind Key2Share.

During my time in the university I wrote JChai3D, a 3D engine written in Java + JOGL that integrates with haptic devices, such as this little beauty.

I started working with web development because I wanted to make prototypes of some ideas, so I learned Rails and ended up contributing to the Noosfero project.

Then I started working at my current company, where work as a fullstack web developer using Laravel and Vue.js.

Then I learned about Elixir, Phoenix, OTP, fell in love and now I’m begging the programming gods to convince my boss to use Phoenix in our next project.


I’m Greg Mefford from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was introduced to Elixir several years ago by @st23am and I’ve been loving it ever since I finally got around to checking it out.

I’m a member of the Nerves core team, helping bring Elixir and Erlang (back) to the world of embedded systems. http://nerves-project.org/

I’ve been hearing about discussions happening on Elixir Forum and I’m finally getting around to getting involved here!


Welcome @GregMefford :023: Nerves is a great project! José has mentioned he would like us to create a dedicated category for it here on the forum at some point :smiley: (just let me know when you guys are ready for it).

I’ve also added you to the Nerves Core Team members group here on the forum :003: (Do you know if any of the other core team members are here on the forum? If so I can add them too.)


I’m not sure what “ready” would look like :grinning:, but I’m certainly prepared to begin supporting Elixir Forum as a place that the community can talk about Nerves in addition to our Slack channel. It looks like @fhunleth and @mobileoverlord are already here, but I don’t see Garth Hitchens yet.



I’ve added @fhunleth to the group as well (@mobileoverlord was already in it).

I’ve also created the new Nerves section and moved a few threads into it :slight_smile: feel free to write up any stickies or wikis :slight_smile: (you can also subscribe to the section if you would like to be notified of new threads etc). I can also add you to Trust Level 4 on the forum which will enable you to do things like edit posts, pin/close/split/merge topics etc if you like?


Hello :sunny:
I’m coming from Austria and I am a student.
I think Elixir could be a really interesting language, especially in the future, so I’m learning it right now :slight_smile:


Hi all, Brandon from the USA. I’ve been making Bootstrap site for family/friends for a while and am looking to dive deeper into real programming.


Hello everyone.

I’m Steve from Ottawa, ON, Canada. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this topic until now… I’m the creator of ExAdmin, Coherence, and a number of Elixir packages. I’ve been working full time with Elixir and Phoenix for the past 3+ years.


Hello people ! ^^

I’m Chris from Benin (West Africa). I’m used to work with Zend and Django frameworks (PHP & Python), but I started learning Elixir since only a few months ago. I wanted to rebuild an old personal PHP application, but try some new and enjoyable language. As you’d guessed it, my choice went for Elixir (instead of Ruby). Mostly a matter of feeling… :blush:


hello from Jakarta, Indonesia :smiley:
I graduated last year and start working right after, I use Elixir on my work, been one year now.


I’m Neema and I live in Michigan. I’m in the field of neurosciences and medicine, but enjoy programming on the side :smile:


Hello, I’m Harold from Paso Robles, California. I’m relatively new to Phoenix/Elixir but have several years of Python/Django under my belt. I’m really enjoying Elixir and looking forward to utilizing it in my next project. I’m also very interested in Nerves.