Help in creating a Contact Form

Do I need help to create a contact form, without having to connect to the database?
What is the easiest and safest way?

Do you want to create an html form without using ecto structs / changesets?

That is, do you want to avoid doing

<%= form_for @changeset, user_path(@conn, :create), fn f -> %>
# ...


You can read more about it phoenix forms and ways to create them here

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By sending an email

Do you want the form to be in the email you send out from the server? And have the response data to be in the email sent by a user to your server?

It would be possible?

Well, you can use to render your form into an email, and then have an email server listen for new letters from the email addresses that you’ve sent the form letter to. On an incoming email, parse it into changesets and try inserting them into the database.

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I understand, I’ll study a little about this bamboo
thank you

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Hi there,

I got the almost the same problem.
Do you find any solution for this?

Best regards

What have you tried so far?