Help with Dialyzer Output



Could be that do_validate_locale is returning {:ok, String.t()} or {:error, reason} where reason could be generated from locale_error
or other function not satisfying {:error, {module(), String.t()}}, ? which I think the type module() is an alias for atom()


Really appreciate all the suggestions. Really. locale_error/1 I’m pretty sure isn’t the issue. It’s just:

  @spec locale_error(locale_name() | LanguageTag.t()) :: {Cldr.UnknownLocaleError, String.t()}
  def locale_error(%LanguageTag{requested_locale_name: requested_locale_name}) do

  def locale_error(locale_name) do
    {Cldr.UnknownLocaleError, "The locale #{inspect(locale_name)} is not known."}

And I think thats the end of the rabbit hole. I’m out of ideas. But I’ll try to create a minimal failing case and see what that tells me.