Help with frontend assets, webpack and phoenix 1.4 RC2

Please need a guide on this issue. I am using webpack for the first time with Phoenix 1.4 RC 2.

I have this theme I got from and I would like to import or use it with phoenix. The theme has the following folders containing the assets CSS, js, fonts, plugins and images. I moved those files to the assets folder and imported each css file to app.css file. The files are not treated by webpack and I get errors.

Please, how do you handle assets like this in Phoenix 1.4?

Not all themes are meant to be bundled (example).

Spin up a new trial Phoenix project with --no-webpack (and given it’s a trial --no-ecto), copy the theme contents into priv/static and adjust the endpoint if necessary and see if you can get it working that way.

Thank you. It worked