Hiring senior backend developer in Oakland, California

Introductory paragraph

Do you believe in choosing the right tool for the job? Get in on the ground floor, and design the architecture of systems that store, process, and serve data for a product with a fast-growing user base.

About us

Greetings, I’m Dan, one of the founders of a company called StructionSite.

Our SaaS product is a web and mobile app that allows people in construction companies to collaborate in realtime on a digital version of the physical job site. Think “Google Street View plus Slack” for large construction projects – office buildings, hospitals, airports, sports stadiums, etc – as they are built.

The construction industry is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2020, but its IT systems are stuck in the 20th century. Help us change that!

About the job

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer — someone who can shape the architecture of systems that ingest, process, and serve reality capture data (from 360-degree cameras and specialized scanners, as well as third-party http APIs), using Elixir, AWS, python libraries or whatever makes the most sense for the task. The core of our web services backend was built in Ruby on Rails, so experience there is helpful but not required.

Remote OK, with flexible schedule, but must spend some time onsite in our Oakland office.

Also open to working with an expert contractor, either remote or onsite.

About the interview process

We don’t believe in the traditional coding interview. We work with people who have proven experience, not just conceptual knowledge. To that end, everyone in product engineering goes through a short period as a well-paid contractor before choosing to join full-time.

Further info

If this seems interesting, send your CV / bio / intro to dan@structionsite.com … Or reach out with any questions you have. Thanks for reading!


:+1:Sounds like a really cool project and very refreshing approach to hiring