Hiring Senrior Elixir Engineer @ Seat Scouts

Hello! We are hiring our 2nd Senior Elixir engineer at Seat Scouts.

The Sr. Functional Programmer is responsible for building out our suite of broker automation tools by contributing throughout the entire software stack. Brokers rely on us to automate critical tasks with 100% accuracy and micro-second latency. As such, we rely on cutting-edge technologies such as Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React, and WebSockets to build real-time software that’s up to the task. If you’re interested in building high-performance software using the latest tech, read on!

At Seat Scouts, we are a small team helping brokers in the event ticket industry automate their everyday.
We do this by making the fastest software using the latest technology. We are also a 100% remote team, so you can join us from anywhere the country!

Please email jobs@seatscouts.com with any questions or interest.


That sounds pretty interesting and promising. Thank you for bringing it up in this forum!

I should note that Elixir is recently gaining steam and many of us coming from other languages want to become better and work professionally (for money) with it, but… I think 90% of the people in this forum are very solid programmers but don’t have so much experience with Elixir compared to the technologies we come from.

Have in mind that working professionally with Elixir requires a slight leap of faith from the employers. Being open to this will help you gain access to awesome professionals with all sorts of different backgrounds. They will have no problem catching up extremely quickly.

Disclaimer: I believe I fit the profile I just described, so this might be me being biased. But I know a good bunch of people fitting the same profile as well.