Holidefs - definition-based national holidays

We develop this library to solve our problems with holidays at Teamweek. The libraries that existed at the time were just not enough because of two reasons:

  1. They didn’t had the locations we needed
  2. Their API would make the work harder for us, because we needed a list of holidays between two dates

So we created a new library based on the definitions used for the ruby holidays gem. Our mission was to create a simple to use library, but at the same time, make it easy to add new locales when needed.

I’m posting it now because today we received a PR for a locale addition and we realized we didn’t release it to the public very well. So I hope the library could help someone and if you miss any locale, contributions are VERY welcome!

PS.: we also tested every location using the same examples given by the ruby library, so it’s very unlikely we would have bugs there, the only reason not to be on 1.0.0 is because we didn’t have time to import all definitions and rules from the ruby library yet. Help in this sense is very welcome too.