Hope you're all doing ok in this Coronavirus pandemic

It seems no part of the world is untouched and several members have mentioned how things are affecting them. I hope you’re all doing ok.

We don’t have any off-topic or members-only sections here anymore but please feel free to use this thread to talk about it should you wish to.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a space that isn’t viewable by non-members we’d be happy to give you access to the new polyglot forum which is currently up in private alpha. It has members-only sections as well as a couple of threads about the Coronavirus. You’ll also be able to use our discount codes which may help during what may be a period of isolation for many of us. (Just PM me if you’d like access).

Stay safe everyone.


To cheer you up, my desk and my little engineer friend during all this:

I’m lucky in the sense that I can work from home and my job isn’t (currently) threatened. But my wife is a nurse so I am a bit worried for her. All I can do is support her and try to delay the spread on my part (by staying at home, ordering groceries online, avoiding people when walking the dog…).


Be like that guy in Cyprus: ties your dog’s leash to a drone and stay home :wink: