Host specification in config.exs file

I thinked about an issue for 2 days but without any result, it’s about url: [host: host] in config.exs, sorry Iam new to Phoenix and to Web Development in general so to describe the problem in short :
Consider I want to create a website from my home server, first I need to rent a domain (right ?) for example, then I will add my server ip and hostname to the hosting website (.com), so by this each time a client tap in the browser search bar, he will be redirected to my server via dns(right ?) , my question is:
Where will be url: [host: host] used or concerned here ? and what is the real usecase of it ?
Thank you in advance.

if you have registered the domain name, you would set url: [host: ""]

you can set host to “localhost” to run in on your local machine in your dev config

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The purpose of this configuration key is for URL generation. This means that when you ask Phoenix Router’s helper functions for the full URL, such as Routes.your_route_url(...), it will use this domain to form the URL.


Thanks @Nicd, I think this is one of the usecases, but how about others like its use by the Web Search Engines and Web Crawlers ?