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How about some Actor oriented databases


Sounds like something that could be implemented in Elixir - someone please do it! :lol:


Big fan of Postgres here as well, it’s pretty much the go-to for every project I work on, Elixir or not. I’m also fascinated by bigger scale databases such as Cassandra and ScyllaDB (the less resource heavy version of Cassandra) as they have so many interesting tools to work with and loads of cool concepts to learn. I’ve worked previously with some NoSQL databases but I always find myself wanting to work with Postgres or another reasonable SQL database.


I see trend there more cloud native ready databases, when you can easy deploy in cloud for example on Kubernets
Traditional databases will die soon :slight_smile:


But it doesn’t do graphs…


Hmm an it looks like I was wrong CockroachDB looks to be in good shape


There are adapters for it! ^.^
(Agensgraph being the most popular last I heard.)


Why? Numerically, most DBs are on the smaller scale and won’t take advantage on being run in the cloud. If you add privacy concerns to that, which are very real, then only a tiny fraction of companies will move their DB to the cloud.

Some context :


But you can run databases in private cloud, multiple machines, multiple data centers - it does not mean it must be public cloud
Now even more enter pieces run theirs own data centers like private clouds where you can easy scale, create or destroy machines.

The databases that does not easy scale horizontally (not distributed) will fail IMO :slight_smile:
In my opinion the example of future databases are


Sure, but do you think most companies really need to set up their own private cloud and setup multiple data centers? IMHO only a few hundreds companies have such needs, and the money required for such a task.

I remember reading about CockroachDB and indeed it is an interesting project! But again, most projects, most websites, most servers can run on a single server (plus backup). I used to work on a DB-centric software (for some clients it was absolutely massive), and everything ran on one server. When a client DB grew too big or things were too slow, we bought bigger RAM and SSD. Why? Because it’s cheaper to have one big ass server with TeraBytes of RAM so the DB can be contained whole in it for best performance than to scale everything in every directions (which quickly becomes a nightmare to maintain too).

Everything is a trade off, and CockroachDB and postgres do not play in the same category. The first seems great for reliability and resiliency, the second is immensely better for latency and performance, and allows for much more complex queries.


There is new era coming - end on one server apps , instead many smaller cheaper servers when each server can die and be easy replaced - > this is called cloud native

And cloud native databases are future

This is my private opinion you can agree or not :slight_smile:


Another distributed database …

TiDB: Distributed NewSQL with Kevin Xu