How affected are you by the "Not Invented Here Syndrome"

As a person who mostly lead dev teams and observe how certain work culture can affect project growth in the long run I must say that NIH approach is a huge no-no. I agree code is a debt. Each thing that was reinvented need to be maintained, increases entry level for newcomers, and creates a risk of shifting away from industry common practices and often industry-wide consensus that causes some libraries to grow and other to die is less biased than decisions of lead developer with NIH approach. As in business you should focus on your core business and rest is a liability, in coding you should focus on code that makes your project unique.


Makes sense, to me. as a single developer in much smaller scale I find myself preferring to write it myself rather than learn frameworks. however as I seem to be writing more and more with other developers I find what you say to be true. yesterday I had a real struggle getting people to write code my way. and basically lost half a day of work for 2 people. Whatever my opinions on “foreign code” will need to take a backseat for actually getting something done.

Bring the glue, here comes the frameworks!