How are you building apps with Phoenix in 2022?

Happy to hear you liked my blog.

I use TipTap for the front end of the editor. This returns the data in a specific JSON format. I parse that JSON and create LaTeX for the corresponding tags. I then interpolate it in a file and use latexmk to create a PDF from it.


I’m continuing to use Phoenix for daily work, hoping to dive into LiveView this year.

My daily driver stack went from SPA fed by Phoenix to server-rendered pages + sprinkled Vue if really necessary.

Admin panels are SPAs made with Vue, mostly CRUD + rich editing with component trees + business specific workflows getting specific panels made.

My deployment method went from an ad-hoc script to Github Actions this year. I’m hoping to dive into Docker but did not feel the need, as my deployments are still very “stateful”. Uploads stay on the same FS as the app, I’m not too into cloud yet, but that could come.

Why Phoenix, if I’m only doing general web work ? Well, all projects start as general web work, then “what if we had a real-time yield management system ?” or other requirements come by, and I’m glad to stay at a constant developement ease when complexity rises. And I love the language, organization, tests & documentation story. 4 years in, and it feels like I stumbled on this forum yesterday for the first time :wink: