How can I connect elixir with azure blob storage ?

I want to build and deploy elixir ECOM backend which includes azure blob storage to save images and pdf from frontend which is in flutter. So all are working well except the blob storage connection with elixir
following are the RnD which I done and got below details which not work for me

any help highly appreciated
Thanks in advance

Can you show the code you tried, and the errors. you got?

The issue had been resolved by upgrading version elixir but now getting error while build and release elixir application with docker file below are the error which i got after running these cmd
“RUN mix release --env=prod --verbose”

Consolidated String.Chars
Consolidated Inspect
** (Mix) Could not invoke task “release”: 2 errors found!
–env : Unknown option
–verbose : Unknown option
The command ‘/bin/sh -c mix release --env=Prod --verbose’ returned a non-zero code: 1

As the error says, those are not valid arguments. Those look like arguments you’d use for exrm not the built in mix release. See the docs for mix release here mix release — Mix v1.13.4