How can I distribute custom CSS with my LiveView component library?

I’m quite new to distributing libraries for Elixir, so perhaps the answer is obvious, but somehow I can’t find any resources on distributing assets. I am writing a LiveView component library that I want to distribute on GitHub and Hex. I have some custom CSS that I think would be convenient if this was automatically installed alongside the library code - perhaps even automatically copied and or compiled to /priv.

Any pointers are welcome.

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You can look at how phoenix or phoenix_live_view distribute their js libraries. It should be similar for css.

Thanks. I’m using the esbuild config that builds the assets to priv/static. When loading this lib in another project, I see that in dev/lib the lib’s priv/static contains the right CSS file. But I have no idea how to load that file. Does a mechanism exist to copy files from a lib to the app’s priv/static?