How can I keep iex from pinging hex on startup

Is there a way to keep iex from pinging when starting the REPL?

I’m giving a presentation tomorrow at work and won’t have internet access. I don’t want the big red “Failed to check for new Hex version” showing up every time I start the REPL. It just looks bad.


I just disconnected from the network and tried iex as well as iex -S mix, none of them gave me something big and red…

Please describe more in depth the kind of problem you have.


I tried iex -S mix again in a project that hadn’t dependencies compiled for dev, and there was a rebar dependency, which failed to build since rebar wanted to lookup the package index from hex. But that wasn’t red. After making sure that all deps are compiled properly I tried again and the only red line I got, was because of missing fsnotify, because I’m on windows anyway :wink:


@NobbZ, this is what I get when I disconnect from the web and run iex -S mix:


You can tell Hex to run in offline mode by:

  • Setting HEX_OFFLINE env variable, e.g.: HEX_OFFLINE=true iex -S mix
  • Setting mix hex.config offline true

See mix hex.config for all available options. On Hex master branch the help command provides even more information and the updated docs will be available in the next release.


@wojtekmach, thank you!