How can I reset contents of `temporary_assigns` assigns

Hi :wave:t2: Elixir Commnuity,

TLDR; How can I reset contents of temporary_assigns (replace already sent data with new data)

I am working on a simple app with Phoenix LiveView. A bit of context before I jump to question.
App has a list of items, number of items can grow to 500+ items. I have “Load More” button to load next batch, while keeping old results. So, with LiveView I have two options, either always send all items as part of assigns, or make items a temporary assign (like here), and it will only send new items, and on client side, phoenix will append the items. Right now, temporary assign is working like charm. However, I stumbled upon a problem, where I need to change order of the items, so I need to refresh the whole list. Unfourtunately, that is not easy, as phoenix client expects that all items should be appended to existing items.

I found a way to accomplish it, but it seems a bit hacky, and maybe there is better approach, hence I am asking here.

My current approach is to have additional param, reset, and in my template I set phx-update based on that param, if it is true, I make phx-update="replace", and other times it is phx-update="append", this allows me to reset contents of temporary_assign when reset=true. However, in all my events on LiveView I need to make sure I delete this param, so consecutive responses from server do not replace whatever content was sent. I am thinking is this the only way to do it, maybe there is built in way I could do it, I couldn’t find it in docs.

I use a similar approach, but instead of using a boolean, I set one of the possible values of phx-update directly: ignore, replace, append, prepend. So, in all handle_params and handle_event callbacks that touch my temporary assign, I also set the update value for that specific use case.

Can you give an example where this wouldn’t be flexible enough?


It is flexible, my problem with this approach is that it is more imperative. i need to always handle this case, in every event and handle_pararm, whereas, if there was a possibility to reset the temporary_assign, I could set it only in one place, that is responsible for it. So, I thought maybe there is already a way, that I don’t know about.

But I guess, that’s the only way for now.

Also, the reason, why I didn’t provide param as one of the possible options, I didn’t want to expose it in the url so user can tweak it. Also, I only take the value of reset param into consideration, if it was changed, by comparing socket.assigns[:params] and params (first argument) in handle_params and if it was not changed, I just remove it, so the url stays more clean (that’s another reason why I don’t like this approach, but that’s more a nitpick :slight_smile: )

I misread your first post. I have an additional assign that handles the phx-update value, not an additional url param.

I’ve answered here to a similar question if that helps.


I believe the answer you are looking for is IDs. Everything that LiveView does is based on ID. So for example, you could do this:

<div id="collection-#{@counter}" phx-update="append">
  <%= for item <- @items do %>
  <% end %>

Where @counter starts at 0.

This will work with Load More exactly as you described. Now, whenever you want to start again, bump the @counter and you should be good to go!


Oh, this is nice way to use it, didn’t think about it myself. It gives quite good flexibility, thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face:

This is exactly what I need! Thanks.

I actually went one step further, and just added my existing param value as part of the id, which means I don’t have to keep additional assign arround. I was affraid, that id must be unique, and if id was already it should not be reused, but it seems that’s not the case. As long as id is unique and is different it seems to work, so iterating between three ids, based on selected soting works quite well.